Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Attorney's Perspective on Compensation Exams

    || 15-Oct-2012

    A veteran pursuing a claim for service connected disability benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs often gets scheduled for a QTC or Compensation and Pension (C&P) examination. The examination is performed at the expense of the Department of Veterans Affairs and is used in the adjudication of a claim for service connected benefits (or a claim for an increase in the rating of the ...
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  • Social Security Disability Is Not Just For Income Benefits:

    || 11-Oct-2012

    My Social Security Disability (SSDI or SSI) clients are often surprised when I tell them that winning their claim may mean much more than just a monthly income benefit. Many are under the belief that if they become disabled Social Security Disability is simply a life support that provides a monthly check while they are unable to work. But, in fact, there are a variety of other important benefits ...
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