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  • Social Security Disability Is Not Just For Income Benefits:

    || 11-Oct-2012

    My Social Security Disability (SSDI or SSI) clients are often surprised when I tell them that winning their claim may mean much more than just a monthly income benefit. Many are under the belief that if they become disabled Social Security Disability is simply a life support that provides a monthly check while they are unable to work. But, in fact, there are a variety of other important benefits ...
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  • Social Security Disability Benefits for Disabled Veterans

    || 10-May-2012

    The Social Security Administration also has programs setup to assist disabled veterans. SSA has a needs-based program called Supplemental Security Income (SSI or Title 16) and has a disability insurance program called Social Security Disability (SSDI or Title 2). SSI benefits are available for individuals who are totally disabled and have limited income and resources, much like Pension benefits ...
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