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Understanding Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases & Veterans Disability in Atlanta

What is an autoimmune disease?

The immune system is the body's natural defense against bacteria, viruses and other cells and invaders that do not belong in the body. When the system becomes confused and cannot tell the difference between an invader and the body, it may start attacking the body. This is known as an "autoimmune disease."

There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases including:

  • Diabetes (Type 1)
  • Grave's disease
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Systemic sclerosis
Above are just a few of the many autoimmune diseases from which a person can suffer.

Can a veteran qualify for disability due to an autoimmune disease?

Grave's disease is an autoimmune disease associated with the thyroid. There is a prevalence of Grave's disease and other autoimmune diseases among veterans. It has also been noticed that the adult children of veterans who served in Vietnam and were exposed to Agent Orange also seem prone to autoimmune disorders.

Autoimmune disease is only one of the illnesses caused by Agent Orange. If you or a loved one is suffering from an autoimmune disease and your doctor suspects that it may be related to Agent Orange exposure or military duty, please contact an Atlanta veterans disability attorney from our firm. We will be happy to review your circumstances and provide you with trusted legal counsel regarding a claim for veterans disability or veteran compensation.

How to File for VA Benefits for an Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is the number one cause of all other diseases, including cancer and heart disease. It can be difficult sometimes to show that a veteran's autoimmune disease is directly caused by his/her military service. Your claim will require detailed and extensive documentation to show the VA that your autoimmune disease was caused or aggravated during active military duty.

This is not always an easy task. That is why our firm is here to provide skilled assistance to assemble all necessary information for your claim or your appeal. This is a key element in a successful application for disability and will save you much time in the long run. Our firm knows how to navigate around government agencies and large establishments. We have been successfully helping clients for 40 years.

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